We pultrude

fiberglass rebar and structural profiles

Fiberglass structural profiles - strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant. Superior to traditional materials in many aspects.

Advantages of technology

Pultruded profiles sustains high axial loads.

Pultrusion is a manufacturing technology based on a continuous manufacturing process in which:

  • Fibers reinforcing profile are impregnated with thermo-active resin.
  • Profile‘s geometry is formed by supplying impregnated fibers to pre-heated form through pre-forms.
  • Resin curing takes place in form – in thermoactive resin polymerization process proceedes.
  • Formed profile is cooled and cut.

Raw materials - high strength and elasticity modulus fibers and thermo-active polymeric resin with specialized additives. In pultrusion process fibers are continuously pulled through all the above-mentioned production line segments.

Advantages of material

Fiberglass rebar and profiles are characterized by the following features:

  • Low density – therefore materials strength - weight ratio is far superior than steel.
  • Resistance to harmful environmental impacts.
  • Profiles are nonconductive to electric current, do not disturb electromagnetic waves and do not change properties when are exposed to electromagnetic field.
  • Low temperature effects – products show increased dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.
  • High thermal resistance - thermal conductivity more than 100 times less than steel.
  • Extremely simple transportation, processing and assembly.

Why choose Ugira LT?

We are new in the market – our aim is to prove ourselves therefore we are ready to work twice as hard.

We want to expand our range of products – if you need some particular fiberglass profile, let us know, we would be more than happy to pultrude a custom product for you.

Raw materials

To produce a high quality product – high quality raw materials must be used. Therefore are using top class raw materials from well known manufaturers, such as: DSM, Scott Bader, Bufa, 3B, Owns Corning, Akzonobel, United Initiators.


We can offer you

a custom product

We are interested in growth and expansion of our product range, therefore we are open to new ideas. If you need a fiber reinforced profile or rebar product, which we currently do not offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We believe that collaboration will create a product that meets your expectations.

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FRP pultruded profiles

Strong, lightweight, long lasting substitute for steel, wood or aluminum profiles.

At the moment we are pultruding:

  • Rectangular hollow section RHS 60x40x4 mm.
  • Flat strip 50x10 mm.
  • Flat strip 100x10 mm.

Section is made from fiberglass reinforced polymers using the most advanced manufacturing technology, allowing full use of this type of material properties.

Product characterizes:

  • Particularly low thermal conductivity.
  • High strength.
  • Low weight.
  • Resistance to corrosion and chemicals.
  • Non conductivity to electric current.
  • Non disturbance to electromagnetic fields.

Ugira LT manufactured products meet the requirements of class E23, indicated in standard EN 13706.

FRP rebar

Fiber-reinforced polymers as steel substitute for reinforcement of concrete started to be used due to some steel specific features that might have negative influence on maintenance of the buildings made of reinforced concrete. One of such features, which seems being essential is steel’s low corrosion resistance. With respect to proportion of the price and physical-mechanical performance, fiber-glass reinforced polymers are meant as best choice for concrete reinforcement.

We are manufacturing fiberglass rebar FRPR-GV-A1-D diameter from 4 mm to 14 mm.

Product features:

  • High strength.
  • Low weight.
  • Resistance to corrosion and chemicals.
  • Non-conductivity of electric current.
  • Particularly low thermal conductivity.
  • Non-disturbance to electromagnetic fields.

FRP rebar nets

Structural nets are tied from fiberglass rebar manufactured by Ugira LT.

Standard dimensions of nets:

  • Length - 6000 mm.
  • Width - 2350 mm.
  • Cell - 200x200 mm.

By prior arrangement we can tie different dimensions and composition nets.

FRP connections for masonry

Connections are manufactured using the same technology as rebar.

Standard diameters: 4mm, 6 mm.

Standard lengths: 350mm, 450 mm, 600 mm.

Offcourse there is a possibility to choose different diameter and length connections.

FRP custom products

What do we have in mind by 'Custom product'?

We meen that we can customize product for you by following fetures:

  • Shape: we can manufacture simple, constant cross-section profile (cross-section can reach measurement 150 x150 mm).
  • Color: pigment added to to resin in manufacturing process gives color to the product, you can choose pigment color which would meet your needs.
  • Resin matrix: we can upgrade resin system in order to achieve characteristics required to your product.
  • Reinforcement: we are reinforcing profiles with glass fibers, but other fibers and combinations of fibers are available.
  • Composit structure: according to requirements which your product should meet we can choose a special composite structure - fiber type, form, arrangement in the product as well as fiber ratio with resin mixture.

Effort in each order

Big or small we treat every order with maximum cear....

Fulfilled deadlines

We take really seriously our commitment to pultrude products on time....


We are new in the market – our aim is to prove ourselves therefore we are ready to work 100 percent and more....

Used potential

If you need some particular fiberglass profile, we would be more than happy to pultrude it for you....




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