Sand coated fiberglass rebar

2017 march and we are happy to share with you a great news - we added a new product to our product range - SAND COATED FIBERGLASS REBAR.

Sand coated fiberglass rebar has all the characteristics as a regular fiberglass rebar (please look at the end of the post) and more. An extra top layer of sand makes rebar more resistant to harmful environmental effects for example to alkalis found in concrete.

As you may know fiberglass strand itself is not resistant to alkali such as Calciumhydroxide (Ca(OH)2 ) founded in concrete, therefore the main task is to select proper resin and its additives resistant to corresponding alkalis and make sure to cover all the fiberglass strands.

The top coat of sand mixed with resin guarantees even better protection of strands extending rebar's durability.

I know that we presented advantages of fiberglass rebar everywhere we could (in our brochures, website, newsletters, etc.) but in case we haven't annoyed you enough here are the main reasons why to ditch steel rebar and choose fiberglass instead:

  • Low density – therefore materials strength - weight ratio is far superior than steel.
  • Resistance to harmful environmental impacts.
  • Rebar is nonconductive to electric current, do not disturb electromagnetic waves and does not change properties when are exposed to electromagnetic field.
  • Low temperature effects – products show increased dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.
  • High thermal resistance - thermal conductivity more than 100 times less than steel.
  • Extremely simple transportation, processing and assembly.

Thank you for you attention, please let us know if you need more information.








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