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  • Non conductive

    The wire, rope or tape can be attached directly to the post.

  • UV resistance

    Does not change its features event after years standing in

  • Strong

    Under load flexes without weakening and springs back to
    original position.

  • Lightweight

    Convenient to carry even bigger quantities.

  • Corrosion resistance

    Does not absorb water.

  • Not affected by cold or heat

    Does not become soft in heat or brittle in cold.

Fiberglass posts

  • Advantages of material

    Low density – therefore materials strength - weight ratio
    is far superior than steel.

    Resistance to harmful environmental impacts.

    Products are nonconductive to electric current, do not
    disturb electromagnetic waves and does not change properties when are exposed
    to electromagnetic field.

    Low temperature effects – products show increased
    dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.

    High thermal resistance - thermal conductivity more than
    100 times less than steel.

    Extremely simple transportation, processing and

  • Advantages of technology

    Pultruded profiles sustains high axial loads.

    Pultrusion is a technology based on a continuous
    manufacturing process in which:

    • fibers reinforcing profile are impregnated with
      thermo-active resin;
    • profile‘s geometry is formed by supplying impregnated
      fibers to pre-heated form through pre-forms;
    • resin curing takes place in form – in thermoactive resins
      polymerization process proceedes;
    • formed profile is cooled and cut.

    In pultrusion process fibers are continuously pulled
    through all the above-mentioned production line segments.

  • Raw materials

    Raw materials - high strength and elasticity modulus fibers
    and thermo-active polymeric resin with specialized additives.

    To produce a high quality product – high quality raw
    materials must be used. Therefore are using top class raw materials from well
    known manufaturers.

Fiberglass rebar

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